3 Responses to “HBN 82: Drag Queen Lady Gaga. Best Principal Ever?”

  1. Red Cross girl’s delivery was spot on. The vocal intonation was perfectly earnest, and the furrowed eyebrows really sell the joke. She seems to have an innate understanding of comedic presentation.

    Admittedly, it might have taken hours of coaching and 30 takes to finally nail that scene and I’m just seeing the magic of post production, but I’ve got a hunch that in another decade or so we’ll be watching her comedy videos.

  2. Question – why were the shots of the kids wearing the “Got book?” shirts reversed? If you needed to match angles, wouldn’t it have been better to mirror the podium shot so that the wording wouldn’t be so obvious?

    Or is this a joke somehow about literacy?

  3. GD your wife is freakin’ hot!!

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