12 Responses to “HBN 76: FoxNews vs. Commie Muppets”

  1. When I read about this, I immediately thought of this site.

    I especially love the last part. Nice touch.

  2. That dude – hahahahahaha.

  3. that last clip, with jesus. fantastic

  4. the Jesus clip was the best thing I’ve ever seen. ever.

  5. Good news: Jesus is coming back!
    Bad News: He’s pissed.

  6. I pride myself on never watching FoxNews (or MSNBC, for that matter.) As fun as it is to pick on them, I can’t say I enjoy watching them here much, either. That’s 3 in a row.

  7. Brilliant. Truly great stuff. Linked to it from my blog. Keep tellin’ like it is!

  8. That Jesus clip was fucking genius.

  9. This may well be the best Hate By Numbers I’ve ever seen. And considering some of the other episodes, that’s really impressive.

  10. There are days I wonder if Fox News isn’t just some elaborate straw man. It’d be crazy but more comforting than the idea that all those people actually believe what they are saying.

  11. This has been bugging me for ages as I can’t seem to figure it out but what is that song you always play over your credits at the end of every HBN episode? It’s really stuck in my head :p

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